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1395 Niakwa Road East
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2J 3T3

Cab Upgrades

Winnipeg Elevetor - Cab Upgrades

Winnipeg Elevator can provide cosmetic upgrades to your elevator interior to keep up with the latest style trends. Upgrading the elevator cab is a cost effective method for maintaining tenant satisfaction.

Winnipeg Elevator can provide minimal to comprehensive interior upgrades.

  • New Elevator push-button fixtures
  • Relocation of fixtures to comply with handicap requirements
  • Replacement of elevator cab panels to the latest styles and colors
  • Replacement of elevator ceiling and lighting
  • Installation of emergency telephone
  • Installation of handrail and bumper rails
  • Re-cladding of existing elevator doors
  • Re-cladding of front returns, kickplates and headers

Winnipeg Elevator will meet and custom design a new look to meet the clients expectations and vision.

Winnipeg Elevator will work with the client to meet budget expectations while providing a new modern look to the cab interior.

Winnipeg Elevator – Your cab interior Specialists!