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1395 Niakwa Road, East
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2J 3T3
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1395 Niakwa Road East
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2J 3T3

Elevator Cab Modernization

Winnipeg Elevator specializes in elevator modernizations:

Winnipeg Elevator can provide simple updating of controls, elevator cab interiors and elevator fixtures or complete modernizations of the elevator equipment requiring new machines, new motors, new controllers, new hoistway wiring, new travelling cables, new hoist ropes, addition of rope grippers, new door operators, roller guides, governors, safeties etc.

Winnipeg Elevator specializes in providing "Non-Proprietary" elevator equipment. Winnipeg Elevator provides equipment which does not tie the owner to an OEM for elevator maintenance.

Winnipeg Elevator proposes to use equipment which does not require specific Tools/PC's or Passwords to repair or adjust the equipment to the needs of the client.

Winnipeg Elevator will survey the condition of the existing elevator equipment and provide recommendations for upgrading the elevator system to improve the performance and reliability of the elevators to meet the client's performance levels. We can custom design a package that is both time and cost efficient.

We work with the owner's to deliver a smooth customized modernization.

Whatever your requirements, Winnipeg Elevator can meet your needs.