Head Office
1395 Niakwa Road, East
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2J 3T3
PH: 204-237-8856
Fax: 204-233-6893

1395 Niakwa Road East
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2J 3T3

Handicap Lifts / Vertical Lifts / Stair Lifts / Accessibility Lift / LULA Lifts

Savaria - Accessibility Lifts - Winnipeg Elevator
Garaventa - Accessibility Lifts - Winnipeg Elevator
Federal Elevator - Accessibility Lifts - Winnipeg Elevator

Winnipeg Elevator can provide customers with products to assist with accessibility challenges.

Winnipeg Elevator installs, repairs, maintains and services all makes of handicap lifts, stair lifts, chair lifts and LULA Elevators such as Garaventa, Savaria, Acorn and Federal Elevator.

Winnipeg Elevator provides 24 hour Emergency Service, 7 days a week.

Winnipeg Elevator employs certified licensed, well trained staff to install, maintain and service your vertical transportation needs.

Winnipeg Elevator can custom design a maintenance program to the requirements and specifications of the customer's needs. The custom designed maintenance program will provide regular preventative maintenance visits to prolong the life and reliability of your lift.

Winnipeg Elevator specializes in providing the most cost effective repairs and service with minimal shutdown time. We can provide a competitive quote for any type of service or repair.

Winnipeg Elevator - Accessibility Specialists